About Us

THE CHOSEN BRAND is women owned and faith based.

It's located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. 

We strongly believe:  blessings beget blessings. 

Years ago, our founder was at a place in her life where she needed the blessings and prayers of others.  Fortunately,  she was blessed to find the support of local programs, like the food bank and Ottawa Victim Services.  But with out the care of a congregation, it can be easy to forget that: 

We are all Blessed, we all Belong, we are all CHOSEN. 

     When you bless someone you remind them to love others and bless themselves too. 

    We are all worthy and we are all Team Jesus.
    We are all CHOSEN

    Giving to others is rewarding for everyone.  This is why at THE CHOSEN BRAND we give 1/3 of our profits to women struggling in our community. Our goal is to help empower women and pass the Blessings on.  

    Blessings Beget Blessings

    Pray up! 

    Love from all the Bible babes here at THE CHOSEN BRAND.